School of Public Administration

  The School of Public Administration is a key construction department in Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology. It consists of two teaching departments: Tourism Management, Senior Service and Management. These 2 departments cover the following majors: Tourism Management, Cooking Process and Nutrition, Airline Service, Senior Service and Management, Community Service and Management, and Tourism Management (cooperated with South Korea). We have qualified teachers and more than 10 well-known domestic visiting professors. In recent years, the number of students enrolled each year has significantly exceeded the enrollment plan, and the quality of students is high.
  The school has one National exemplar Construction Major, one National Teaching Resources Base Course, one Provincial-level Training Base, and one Provincial Excellent Course Group. It is a training base for aged-care service and management personnel in Shandong. Competition and teaching can mutually promotes each other, and the teaching team led the students to participate in various national skill competitions and achieved many results.
  The School always adheres to student-centered teaching approach and focuses on the cultivation of “professional education” and “professional competence”. It continues to deepen and innovates higher vocational education concepts, and implements innovative talents training models such as “modern apprenticeship” to achieve a combination of comprehensive training and personality cultivation. , Zero docking of school and business. The teaching style of "friendly, candid, rigorous, meticulous" and study style "love, strict teaching, diligent research, fine skills" are gradually formed.
  The college pays great attention to international exchanges and cooperation, and actively builds overseas exchange platforms. It has jointly established cooperative programs and internship projects in Tourism Management, Cooking Process and Nutrition with South Korea, Macao, Thailand and other countries and regions. The overall quality of the students continues to improve, the quality of student employment is high, the development space is wide and potential is great.
  The students from our school have excellent skills and high overall quality. Graduates with "double certificates" have received high acclaim from employers and always in short supply, and the employment rate is 100%. In recent years, hundreds of students have participated in volunteer service such as the Olympic Games, the National Games, and the University Student Winter Games and received widely.

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