School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration is one of the earliest schools established in Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology (SICT). As one of the National Advanced Vocational Education Units, it is praised as the national leader in business, with each major ranking first for 5 years in a row in Shandong Province. Each major has achieved remarkable results, some of which as follows:
National Teaching Achievement Award, National Demonstration Specialty, National Teaching Resources Bank, National Quality Courses, National Fine Resources Sharing Courses, National Planning Textbooks, Provincial Brand Major, Provincial Characteristic Major, Provincial Teaching Team, Provincial Famous Teaching Teacher, Provincial Teaching Master Studio, Provincial Quality Online Open Courses, etc.

The School of Business Administration is the Executive Deputy Director (Secretary-General) Unit of the National Business Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee (NBVETSC), responsible for the construction and guidance of business majors all over the country, and responsible for the formulation of curriculum standards for 11 business majors in China and the planning and organization of two national level competitions. It is also the Secretariat Unit of the Steering Committee for the Construction of Business and Vocational Education in Shandong Province (SCCBVESP), responsible for construction and planning work of 22 majors in Marketing and Business Administration, E-commerce, Logistics Management all over Shandong Province, as well as 8 provincial middle and higher vocational events organization and planning work. So far, the School of Business Administration, in collaboration with NBVETSC and SCCBVESP, has completed four national professional teaching standards for majors of marketing, network marketing, industrial & commercial management, and chain management, and has developed provincial teaching guidance programs for such majors as marketing, E-commerce, network marketing, international business.
The faculty in Business Administration School is led by a group of provincially reputable teachers. Teachers with dual-professional qualities take up 98%, and those with senior academic titles account for 26%. Over 95% teachers have master's degree or above, and 7 graduated with Ph.D. We have hired a group of part-time teachers, including National Business and Trade Leading Talents, industry and business experts and front-line management personnel as well. Two provincial teaching teams have been established. 48% of teachers have overseas study background. With the barrier-free communication with foreign schools, we have long-term partnership with 14 overseas institutions, including HOLMESGLEN in Australia and UCSI in Malaysia. The curriculum, teaching staff, and student employment have been internationalized.
The School has established three departments: e-commerce, marketing and international business management. Majors include e-commerce, marketing, international business, business English, chain management, network marketing, SME(Small Medium Enterprise) entrepreneurship and management, applied English, apparel design, business English (school-enterprise cooperation), international business (China-Australia cooperation), e-commerce (China-Malaysia cooperation), business management, and business management (China-Malaysia cooperation). Meanwhile, we have 3 undergraduate programs for Qilu Medical College, including Electronics Business, marketing, international economics and trade. The School takes the lead in implementing cross-discipline programs across the country, allowing students to break through disciplinary boundaries to gain more knowledge and paving the way for the growth of qualified modern business professionals.
1. Implementation of the "Excellent plus" model to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, categorizing training programs and promoting diversification of students;
2. Recruitment of overseas returnees to create an international, industry-research collaborative and outstanding teaching team;
3. Establishment of high-tech innovation center for smart business and trade and “Good Service Shandong” service custody center to improve the conditions for practice and education;
4. Active cooperation with companies with entrepreneurial genes to build innovative entrepreneurial platforms for students;
5. Emphasis on professional skills competition to promote academic study, with the largest total number of medals in business competitions nationwide;
6. Abundant opportunities for short-term visits and overseas study, cultivating students' international perspective.

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