Online Finance Program

1. Objectives
This program is collaborated with Shandong Finance Affair Office and Shandong Micro-Credit Association. Students will obtain knowledge and skills of finance online, P2P, and crowdfunding based on understanding of traditional finance theory and business in this program.
Upon successful mastering of computer, information and E-commerce technology related to finance, students will be equipped to work in areas relating to finance marketing, credit and loan, security and insurance, leasing and mortgaging operations in finance online business.
2. Core Courses
Basic Economics
Basic Accounting
Basic Finance
Financial Statements
Future Theory and Practice
Securities Investment
Finance Marketing
Online Finance
P2P and Crowd Funding
Online Payment
3. Career Prospects
Students will work in areas of online finance business with rapid growth such as online finance marketing, online insurance, online credit, online payment etc.

By: SICT /

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